Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Hello everyone, I'm Dillon D. This is my second blog, the first aimed towards military/intelligence topics as that is one of my primary interests. LinguSi is the name I developed for this blog, combining linguistics and psychology, my other primary interests.

This blog will not be terribly technical in nature, as I am nowhere near the knowledge level in either subject that I would prefer to be. I intend to enroll in the University of Colorado where I can major in psych with a minor in linguistics.

My spoken languages:

English (native language)
Spanish (2 1/2 years school training, ending in 2006)
French (1/2 year school training)
Russian (self-study)

I recently found a video version of the UC Berkley Psychology 1 cource which I will start studying soon.

I'm off for now, so I'll bid you farewell in the language of my heritage, slán go fóill!

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