Friday, January 8, 2010

Dr Alexander Arguelles

Céad míle fáilte!

I have decided to undertake the study of the Irish language. I did this once about a year ago, but I quickly gave up due to the difficulty of the language. Well I have decided to devote study and effort to Gaeilge so wish me luck! I have decided to create a concrete list of the languages I want to speak at the moment:

Enlish (no study needed)
Spanish/Español (maintenance)

Arabic and Hebrew are possible contenders for the list in later times.

Throughout the course of my linguistics research, I have came across a man named Dr Alexander Arguelles. I don't see a reason to take up space on my blog going through his personal history, if you are interested you can no doubt find any information you seek. What I will say is that Dr Arguelles appears to be a brilliant linguist and what is known as a polyglot, someone who is capable of speaking many languages. His YouTube channel contains several dozen videos on various linguistic topics. I have not been able to view as many of them as I would like, but of particular interest to myself are his videos describing a language learning method which he developed called shadowing and accent acquisition. This involves listening to an audio recording in the target language, along with an accompanying text of the audio, and repeating aloud the audio. I have not tested this method on my own, but when I do there will be a subsequent posting on my personal experiences.

Here is his website for anyone interested.


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