Thursday, January 7, 2010

A few random notes on language

First of all, after reading Annoyances: Couldn't/could care less on the Language Trainers Blog, I have a few thoughts to share.

First of all is the point of their blog post, the annoying instances of most people (especially here in America) saying "I could care less". Think about this phrase for a moment. When you say "I could care less," what do you actually mean? That your current level of caring cannot be any lower, right? So instead, please remember to say "I couldn't care less"!

Here is an image from the Language Trainers Blog, which they originally "borrowed" from

Second on the list of my linguistic annoyances is something I heard my father say earlier this evening. When someone's talking about something that is really not that great, the word worthless will often be used. But we don't say worthless, do we? The word used is actually 'workless'. Upon typing this word, my spell check tells me that it's not even a real word. Nor does it convey the intended meaning. Worth and work are two very different concepts.

I am beginning a book called "Linguistics and Reading" by Charles C. Fries. It appears to be quite informative, and I can't wait to read more!

Also earlier this evening, I have brought on a guest author. A friend of mine named Matthew CE, knows quite a bit about linguistics and specifically constructed languages (conlangs). His first piece will be a multi part series on the process of language construction.

Time for me to be getting back to my reading now. Goodnight!

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