Thursday, January 14, 2010

Language Awards

I found this list on a new blog (find here) and thought I'd repost with my own answers. Comment back with your own!

Best Pronunciation: Russian
Most interesting script, non-Latin: Sogdian
Most interesting use of the Latin script: Vietnamese
Script best suited to the language: Hebrew
Script worst suited to the language: Arabic
Prettiest non-Latin script: Lepcha
Prettiest use of the Latin script: Irish

Most interesting phonology: Klingon
Least interesting phonology: Spanish, English, French
Most interesting use of loans: Russian
Least interesting use of loans: English

Happiest language: French (not sure)
Angriest language: German
Hardest language: Arabic, Japanese/Chinese
Easiest language: French

Coolest IAL:
Dumbest IAL:
Coolest conlang:
Dumbest conlang:

Coolest conscript: Nirichaen
Dumbest conscript: Chromaphonoglyphics

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